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Steam, cool, repeat! Below you can find the most important information for a relaxing sauna experience.

The Popup Sauna runs autonomously with no staff on site. We have therefore summarized below the information you should know before, during and after your sauna session.

Before the sauna session


Book your sauna session for the desired date and time. For a relaxed sauna experience, we recommend booking at least 2 hours. Short term bookings are also possible. Please note, that the oven needs at least 1 hour for preheating.

Access code and temperature

To access the sauna, you will need your personal access code. The code will be sent to you automatically on the day of your booking via SMS and email. To set the desired temperature, click on Manage my booking in the e-mail (booking confirmation or access code e-mail) and then on Sauna. Then select the desired temperature.

Packing list

Make sure to pack the following items:

Two bath towels – one to sit on and one for drying off

A bathrobe for the breaks in the fresh air between sauna sessions

Bathing slippers / flip flops for the way to the lake or to the toilet

Drinks – approx. 1.5 liters of water or tea

During the sauna session


The sauna control runs fully automatic. You don’t need to take care of anything – except one thing. Water for the sauna can be fetched from Lake Zug. The lake water is safe for use. Just make sure that it is free of floating wood or leaves. Fill the bucket after your session for the next guests before you leave.

Change temperature

The desired temperature can be adjusted online during your sauna session. Simply open your booking confirmation or access code email. Click on Manage my booking and then on Sauna. Then select the desired temperature.

Sauna etiquette

We and the other guests of the Popup Sauna appreciate it if you take the following points to heart:

  • Shower (at home) before visiting the sauna
  • Always sit on a bath towel for sweating
  • No shoes or flip-flops in the sauna room

After the sauna session

Do your part

In order to operate the Popup Sauna sustainably, we depend on your help. We kindly ask you to keep the sauna clean and to leave it in the same condition as you found it.

  • Clean up the largest impurities (e.g. leaves, grass)
  • Dispose of waste outside the Popup Sauna or at home
  • Do not forget any items and valuables
  • Refill the water bucket after your sauna session


Help us to become even better. Contact us with any suggestions, ideas or criticism at hello@popup-sauna.ch.

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Win a sauna session every month

1. Share your sauna experience on Instagram
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Among all participants, we will be giving away one sauna session of 2 hours every month.